Securimage 3.6.2 Released

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Securimage 3.6.2 has been released which fixes some issues with the 3.6 branch including WAV/MP3 streaming on iOS devices. It includes the following changes:

  • Fix HTML5 audio playback on iOS devices (audio data is stored in the session and/or database to support HTTP range requests required by iOS)
  • Add a file where configuration settings (e.g. image display preferences, database settings) can be put to ease upgrading and allow securimage.php, securimage_show.php, and securimage_play.php to easily use the same settings.
  • Improved error messages if audio playback fails.

If you use an older version, consider upgrading to 3.6.2, and new users should download 3.6.2. If you are using database storage, make sure to re-create the database tables as they have changed.

The WordPress plugin was also updated to use the latest version of Securimage and now supports HTML5 audio as well.