Securimage 3.2RC2 is available

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A new version of Securimage will be released soon. In the mean time, you can grab a copy of 3.2RC2 from GitHub. Download links for the new release candidate are available on the download page.

The new version includes numerous improvements and fixes including:

  • Add random “noise” to image captcha
  • Static CAPTCHA feature removes the need for PHP sessions (requires SQLite)
  • Improved SQLite functionality
  • Image and audio CAPTCHA can be used stand-alone (for integrating in 3rd party software platforms)
  • Audio CAPTCHA is obfuscated by white-noise and is randomly mixed with background audio
  • Improved the functionality and added new options to the CAPTCHA audio Flash button
  • Better error detection making installation troubleshooting easier

See the changelog within securimage.php for more details.

The demo page is now using 3.2RC2 so the new CAPTCHA and audio functionality can be seen there. Thank you for using Securimage.