Securimage 3.0 Released

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Securimage 3.0 has been released which includes many new features, and fixes a vulnerability with mp3 audio files.

New in Securimage 3.0

  • Rewritten for PHP5, version 3.0 is no longer compatible with PHP 4
  • Uses only TTF fonts
  • Supports case-sensitive captcha codes for added security
  • Add namespaces to captchas to support multiple captcha images on a single page
  • Added option to show simple math problems instead of alphanumeric codes
  • Updated to stream wav files for audible captchas
  • Added new noise option for added security
  • Updated license to BSD License

Head to the download page to get the new version now or browse the source on GitHub.

Securimage 3.0’s code validation is backwards compatible with previous versions.

Please report any issues, or feature requests using the contact form.

Thank you for supporting Securimage.