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Version 3.6.7 (March 8, 2018)

Securimage 3.6.7
(zip download) – SHA1 checksum: fa210795d50e35c7711c1cecd1a68480fe2f4bbc
(tar.gz download) – SHA1 checksum: 4f3b1abf6b894b46289e074eafaddd64c9dc6e9b

You may also browse and download the Securimage Git repository which has the latest code and more examples that are not included in the above downloads.


Securimage Test Script

Securimage Test Script (zip download) (php source) [2 kb]
Upload this php script to your server and it will test your ability to run Securimage.


Audio Translations

How to create audio files in English and other languages.


Brazilian Portuguese Audio (pt-br)
Contributed by Flavio Lucio – ITECH SOLUTION


Brazilian Portuguese Audio (2) (pt-br)
Contributed by Messias Nascimento
Contains 2 sets of audio, one standard and one with pronunciation tips (C Casa, D Dado, etc)


Dutch Audio (nl)


French Audio (fr)
Contributed by brenard


French Audio (fr) Set #2


German Audio (de)
Contributed by Sven Wachsmuth


Italian Audio (it)
Contributed by Matteo Canella


Spanish Audio (es)


Spanish (Chile) Audio (es-cl)
Contributed by Fernando Rubio


Turkish Audio (tr)


Previous Versions

Version 2.0.2 (Jan 07, 2011)
Securimage 2.0.2 (zip download) [1.2 Mb] – (tar.gz download) [1.2 Mb]

Securimage 3.6 is the recommended version – only download this version if you need to use GD Fonts instead of TTF fonts.


5 comments “Download”

Good deal!

I have been looking for good “Captcha”-related programming for a while now. This one looks very good, and I like the fact that it supports audio for the blind!

This would definitely go great with the other website-security measures I am implementing.

Keep up the good work!!!

– Jim

Thancks. realy good

The¬†Spanish Audio haven’t “V”, and “J” is not sound good

Thanks ,really helps !


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