Audible Codes with Flash

To embed a Flash button that will stream a WAV file of the captcha code into your webpage, copy the following HTML code and place it on your form near the captcha image:

<object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" data="/securimage/securimage_play.swf?audio_file=/securimage/securimage_play.php&bgColor1=%23fff&bgColor2=%23fff&iconColor=%23777&borderWidth=1&borderColor=%23000" width="19" height="19">

<param name="movie" value="/securimage/securimage_play.swf?audio_file=/securimage/securimage_play.php&bgColor1=%23fff&bgColor2=%23fff&iconColor=%23777&borderWidth=1&borderColor=%23000&" />

Make sure to change all occurrences of /securimage/securimage_play.swf and /securimage/securimage_play.php to the proper url of the securimage files.
Note: The color url parameters passed to securimage_play.swf must be properly URL encoded so that the # character is encoded as %23. If this is not done the parameters are not received by the Flash button.

To change the size of the button, set the width and height attributes of the <object> tag to the desired height and width in pixels.

The following parameters can be passed to the <object> and <param> tags to change the look of the button:

Flash Variables

  • audio_file
    • The path to securimage_play.php on your server. NOTE: this value is audio in Securimage 2.0
  • bgColor1
    • HTML hex color code of the background fading from top to middle (i.e. #3366FF)
  • bgColor2
    • HTML hex color code of the background fading from middle to bottom (i.e. #99B3FF)
  • iconColor
    • HTML hex color code of the speaker icon (i.e. #000000)
  • borderWidth
    • Width of the border in pixels.
  • borderColor
    • HTML hex color code of the button border (i.e. #000000)