Audible Codes with Flash

To embed a Flash button that will stream a WAV file of the captcha code into your webpage, copy the following HTML code and place it on your form near the captcha image:

  <object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" data="/securimage/securimage_play.swf?audio_file=/securimage/securimage_play.php&amp;bgColor1=%23fff&amp;bgColor2=%23fff&amp;iconColor=%23777&amp;borderWidth=1&amp;borderColor=%23000" width="19" height="19">

    <param name="movie" value="/securimage/securimage_play.swf?audio_file=/securimage/securimage_play.php&amp;bgColor1=%23fff&amp;bgColor2=%23fff&amp;iconColor=%23777&amp;borderWidth=1&amp;borderColor=%23000&" />

Make sure to change all occurrences of /securimage/securimage_play.swf and /securimage/securimage_play.php to the proper url of the securimage files.

Note: The color url parameters passed to securimage_play.swf must be properly URL encoded so that the # character is encoded as %23. If this is not done the parameters are not received by the Flash button.

To change the size of the button, set the width and height attributes of the <object> tag to the desired height and width in pixels.

The following parameters can be passed to the <object> and <param> tags to change the look of the button:

Flash Variables

  • audio_file
    • The path to securimage_play.php on your server. NOTE: this value is audio in Securimage 2.0
  • bgColor1
    • HTML hex color code of the background fading from top to middle (i.e. #3366FF)
  • bgColor2
    • HTML hex color code of the background fading from middle to bottom (i.e. #99B3FF)
  • iconColor
    • HTML hex color code of the speaker icon (i.e. #000000)
  • borderWidth
    • Width of the border in pixels.
  • borderColor
    • HTML hex color code of the button border (i.e. #000000)

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I am looking at changing the background color of the sound icon. It says to use the hex color code but in your example code it doesn’t appear to use hex codes. How would I use hex color #E6E6E6 in the code?

FYI…The above code snippet is encoded but shouldn’t be…..
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