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After some downtime, Securimage is back up and running. Sorry for the problems but the database and most site contents are gone. More content will be coming up shortly and a new version re-written for PHP5 with new features is being tested and will be posted soon.

Thanks for your understanding!

2 comments “Site Updated”

i am sorry if this is not the right place to post but i need to ask how can i use this code in wordpress? i want to avoid using any plugin so can you help please?


If you want to protect comment, registration or other wordpress forms, a plugin would be the best option otherwise you will have to edit wordpress files and next time you update wordpress your changes will probably be erased. I have a plugin here that protects comment forms and lets you customize the image from the admin panel. Without using a plugin, you could use an external php form and create the html form in a wordpress page. Hope that helps.

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