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If you use Securimage and have found it helpful, please consider donating. The suggested contribution is $3 USD but any amount is appreciated. Donation is not required as Securimage is, and always will be free & open-source.  Thank you for your support.

Version 3.5.4 (August 27, 2014)

Securimage 3.5.4
(zip download) – md5 checksum: 9e6782593e49518d94ffe95174077500
(tar.gz download) – md5 checksum: 74fd40772a218cc2f9f1dcf7fc35863a

You may also browse and download the Securimage Git repository which has the latest code and more examples that are not included in the above downloads.


Securimage Test Script

Securimage Test Script (zip download) (php source) [2 kb]
Upload this php script to your server and it will test your ability to run Securimage.


Audio Translations

How to create audio files in English and other languages.


Brazilian Portuguese Audio (pt-br)
Contributed by Flavio Lucio – ITECH SOLUTION


Brazilian Portuguese Audio (2) (pt-br)
Contributed by Messias Nascimento
Contains 2 sets of audio, one standard and one with pronunciation tips (C Casa, D Dado, etc)

Dutch Audio (nl)


French Audio (fr)


German Audio (de)
Contributed by Sven Wachsmuth


Italian Audio (it)
Contributed by Matteo Canella


Spanish Audio (es)


Turkish Audio (tr)


Previous Versions

Version 2.0.2 (Jan 07, 2011)
Securimage 2.0.2 (zip download) [1.2 Mb] – (tar.gz download) [1.2 Mb]

Securimage 3.5 is the recommended version – only download this version if you need to use GD Fonts instead of TTF fonts.


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Updated link to the spanish translation (es-cl)

I would like to share my spanish translation (es-cl), all the files are .WAV 1-ch @ 11025 Hz and optimized, you can reach the .zip with the files here: That’s my contribution to the project, best regards.


I have used your script for years but I had someone else install it for me. When I moved hosts, I had to learn how this works because it suddently stopped working. So I DL the new version and I seem to be getting the hang of it. Thanks.

Meanwhile in all my years, I can only recall 1 incident someone was mad at me , and despite your script, they were able to submit the form without filling in all the fields and I dont recall exactly the details but If I remember the bypassed secureimage somehow.

Could not anyone simply DL the code, then look at the html source of the webform and determine the path to secureimage, likely /secureimage (unless do you recommend we rename it? ?

i have facing a problem while playing an audio file it always play wrong word 
plz help me 

I have the same issue.

Never mind. It works just fine, just an issue with the browser. I was using the firebug extension for Firefox. Turned it all off and it works just fine now.

it seem nice script, testing……………
Thanks for phpcaptcha in advance :)

I’m getting the following error on the line

if ($securimage->check($_POST[‘captcha_code’]) == false) {

“Fatal error: Call to a member function check() on a non-object in xxxx/contact_submit.php on line 11”

Not sure how to fix this… Any help would be appreciate it.

I have the same problem :(

Quick and easy integration, thank you!

I checked most of them out with my player. France and Portugese seem to be the best. With the other languages, I got a lot of silent audio or just quick audio that was too fast to hear the full letter.

I am looking for one in Español por favor. Gracias!

This library looks great but I can’t really try it out as your defined MD5 checksum is not the same as the one I get when running it. Is this just that you forgott to change it?

Hi, It appears I may have made an error with the .tar.gz file as the sum of the file didn’t match. I checked the zip file and it was okay. The checksum is just of the download packages, not of any individual files themselves. Thanks for pointing that out.


I wanted to make a donation but the only available option is PayPal.. Please post a BitCoin address I can make a donation to this wonderful and useful project.

Hi, Thanks for wanting to support Securimage. You can see a Bitcoin donation button in the right navigation bar. I’ll make sure to add it to the download page as well so its more visible.

Great code, I am not an HTML developer by nature but I was able to download and get it running in about 1 hour. The hardest part was tweaking the PHP code that processes my form. But once that was done the rest was cosmetic.

tu great ho.. tofa kabul karo…..

Very  nice work,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

In the github
In Synopsis section
form metod
form method
the method spelling is wrong…Please change it…

Thanks for the Awesome script….

Thanks for pointing that out. I will change it.

great captcha coding! i’ve been using this library in the development of student information system. thanks a lot!

Works great. Thank you!!

Thanks captcha scripts to help prevent spam for my web.

There is a typo in README.txt in the line of “”, should be “method”, it spent me several minutes to run a test.

Thanks for the nice script 😀

Thanks for share your great job!

This code is nicely done. I installed it on my personal vCard site at because I was getting a lot of spambot email. This has proven to be successful. Thanks. I will be recommending

Thanks for such a great library

I would say this is better than Google’s CAPTCHA – it takes up less space, looks cleaner, more customisable – and – most importantly, easier to decipher! v.nice :)

thank you for this much of help sir.. :) 😉

Thank you. This piece of code is great!

Just a quick note to say “thank-you”, this is a great piece of software!  😀

I have used it on multiple sites now and it just keeps getting better, I first used it at version 0.3, now see version 3.0.2 is nearly out in the wild.  Cool.

Thanks for the script, I use it on few of my websites and it works great.

Wow its amazing! Thanks…

This rocks. Thanks for the great work! I was looking for a way to make the overall image smaller but keep the text size the same. Not sure if it’s possible or not.

thanks so much. its really helpful! ^^,

Thank you so much for the code and the audio pack (nl)
I hope you will support this project for a long time

Flavio Lucio, Thanks for the portuguese audio translations!!!

i am in need of GD support, is there any captcha that can be done without the GD.


Without GD you will be limited, but look up in Google “Figlet Captcha” and you may find some that use that. It generates an all text/html word captcha “image”.

Thank a lot for your nice library

Thanks for the security script. it has made my life easier.

very useful code with a very easy install
many thanks

Million thanks to Juan Carlos Terrasa!!! Va de lujo!!! :)

Thanks for the Dutch Audio translations. It works great! I’m very grateful.

Thanks for this library!

Well done. Thanks!

Thanks! The site looks very nice now and the script works beautifully (Well, it is still not live but I have already implemented it in my website and it works great!)


Thanks for the nice script 😀

Thanks for this library!

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